Continuation: Parcel in 1/87 scale

metal ruler, propelling pencil, styrofoam block lie on top of a piece of cardboard with a pencil sketchUsing a ruler and a pencil, we transferred the dimensions of our tiny styrofoam block to the cardboard layer (on the inner side of our parcel-to-be) and cut the sheet to size. Accuracy was essential for a convincing result.

metal ruler, Stanley knife, styrofoam block, pieces of cardboard

glue stick, metal ruler, miniature parcelThen we applied some glue from a glue stick to the rear of the cardboard and 'wrapped' the styrofoam block. The glue prevents the tiny box from unfolding.

scissors beside the miniature parcel that has been supplied with a tiny strip of brown tapeOnce the glue had dried, we applied the thin strips of packaging tape. They stick perfectly well to the miniature parcel because, thanks to the glue, they do not have to hold its flaps together.

the finished miniature parcelFinally we stuck an address label on top of the tiny box which we had cut from a sheet of paper. And that's it - our miniature parcel is ready for delivery!

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