Continuation: Dull welcome

When weathering items, caution is the highest precept. Nature often needs years to change the look of things by means of wind and weather, so the experienced modeller will apply paint very carefully - again remembering that less is more.

der lasierte HolzkorpusFirst of all we covered the whole cart (except the wheels) with a scumble of watery dark paint (water colours). The paint goes into the tiniest chinks and thus enhances the contours. Excess paint had to be removed with an absorbent cloth (e.g. a sheet of kitchen roll). Although being thinned down very much, the water colour sticks amazingly well to the plastic surface of the parts, as our photo on the left shows.

Then we enhanced the wooden structure of the cart with some matt white paint (Revell no. 5). Using a rather hard brush (bristle brush) and hardly any paint, we carefully applied a hint of white colour.

die granierten und gesuperten KarrenteileThe next step was to make the tiny details of the flower cart visible. Screws, wheel hubs, brake shoes etc. were painted in a dark colour and now give the vehicle a more interesting and harmonious look. Finally we only had to plant all the greenery into the cart… 

Just a few strokes of the brush turned the good, but regarding the wood rather dull kit into a romantic flower cart - an eye catcher, not only for sticklers for details…

der fertige (verfeinerte) Bausatz - Karren mit Blumenschmuck

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