Mini diorama 'Luigi's ice cream parlour'


A late summer’s day in a small German town. Luigi’s ice cream parlour is at its busiest. The takeaway sales is booming and all the chairs outside are occupied. In an elegant convertible just in front of the guests a macho is waiting for his girlfriend to bring him an ice cream cone. We wanted to place a lot of interesting and funny details but still create a realistic scenery. 

Detailaufnahme des fertigen Dioramas

We needed:

1. Basic plate

die BodenplatteFirst of all, we glued the pavement plate from the FALLER kit onto a piece of hardboard with contact cement and weighted it down with heavy books overnight in order to stick both parts together properly. Using grey and earth colour paints we made the pavement look more realistic.

die fertige BodenplatteFinally, we painted the street surface grey and ‘dirtied’ it a bit with earth colours. Mud and tar patches reveal that there had recently been road works. We took some photos of real drain covers and gutter stones, reduced them in size to H0 scale with picture editing software and printed them. The floor of the ice cream parlour was painted black after we had decided to build the house without an interior furnishing.

2. Building

Verpackung, Spritzling mit weiß bemalten Wänden, Pinsel, Revell-FarbdoseThe photos on the box promise a picturesque unobtrusive small house, so we were pretty surprised to find rich turquoise parts inside the box! But no problem - we decided to paint them in a traditional white, but we had to do that twice in order to cover the bluish plastic properly. Doing so is no challenge as long as the parts are still fixed to the sprue.

Spritzling mit weiß bemalten Wänden, die bereits mit Graffiti und Schmutz 'verschandelt' wurdenUnfortunately, graffiti taggers have already disfigured one of the bright walls - modellists use a very thin brush to imitate the tags. This is also good for suggesting cracks and dirtiness of the plaster with extremely thinned dark paint.  

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